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Using Drafts app to create and import notes into Roam

Drafts is a great app for quick capturing notes. I use it to create and quickly import notes from my iPhone into Roam. Since Roam doesn’t have an iOS app yet this is a very good alternative. In this article I share my workflow for importing notes from Drafts app to Roam.

Drafts app

Drafts is great for quickly capturing your thoughts. Until now I always struggled a bit when I had a thought (not being near my laptop with Roam) and wanted to write it down quickly. The Quick Capture feature of Roam on iOS is just not effortless enough for me. I also was looking for a good way to dictate text and import that into Roam. Drafts solves both for me in a great way.

When you open drafts it immediately opens a new note with the keyboard open ready to write. It is very complete with a lot of features to improve writing your notes and thoughts on iPhone. I absolutely love the dark mode. It has a great set of actions and it is also possible to add custom actions from the Drafts Action Directory.

Custom Actions for Roam

I use two custom actions on Drafts specific for Roam. These are the Roam double brackets action to add the double brackets to a selection or just the brackets if nothing is selected. You can find the Roam double brackets action here. The second action I use is copy to Roam which makes it easy to import notes from Drafts to Roam. To install the custom actions click the blue install button in Safari. The Drafts app will automatically open and you will be prompted to import a new action. You can also select a group here. I added copy to Roam to the Basic group and Roam double brackets to the editing group.

Install copy to Roam action into Drafts top
Install copy to Roam action into Drafts

You can now use the Roam double brackets action within Drafts. Just click the icon of the action (most left on image) and the double brackets magic will happen!

Roam double brackets action in Drafts app
Roam double brackets action in Drafts app

Getting your notes from Drafts App to Roam

Once done with wrting your notes in Drafts app you can use the copy to Roam action. Just click the icon at the top right corner and select copy to roam. You could rearrange the actions if you want copy to Roam to be more on top. In my Drafts it is the first option.

Copy to Roam action in Drafts app
Copy to Roam action in Drafts app

Drafst app will open safari and you can add the note as a block to your Roam. Awesome, you now have a great way to create and import your thoughts with Drafts app and Roam. 😀

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